The Weekly Music Biz Recap #3

May 8th, 2011 | weekly music biz recap

If you’ve been hiding in a cave for the last seven days you may not know that Bin Laden is dead. You may also have missed these important posts below regarding the music biz.

In any case you have less than 24 hours to catch up before another work week begins. There promises to be plenty of happenings from Music Hack Day Weekend and SF Music Tech week.

Stay tuned for more of the same…

Sale of Warner Music Group Means Less Financial Transparency in Music Business

If you are interested in knowing what a colossal mess WMG is look out for their latest financial earnings announcement this week. It will be one their last announcement of this kind. Because the company will likely go public in Q3, they will no longer be required to report these numbers to the public.

The Year Was 1988, The Art: Sampling

An interesting look at the art of sampling via and old school documentary. I wonder why nobody ever sued Elvis, The Stones and even the Beatles. They’ve straight ripped off everyone from Chuck Berry, Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters.

Does Spotify Really Want To Be An iTunes Killer?

A well written post by Mark Mulligan on the future of Spotify. I can’t comment too much on the new features announced this week, because I’m in America and major labels haven’t allowed it to break through in this region. Until then I’ll just have to take his word for it.

EMI Pulls Digital Rights From ASCAP In Radical Plan To Streamline Licensing

Music licensing is one of those things that I’ve never really wrapped my arms around fully. This article by Bruce Houghton of Hypebot further muddies the waters for me. Can anyone in their right minds figure this thing out?

Rdio Partners With Echo Nest

The Echo Nest is back in the news this week with another major partnership. This time it allows API integration with cloud music service Rdio.

Digital Radio Paid Musicians $36 Million More Than Paid Subscriptions Last Year

Revenues paid by digital radio have surpassed that of subscription services like MOG for the first time this year. Can’t say that I’m surprised.