blog’s Weekly Music Biz Recap #9

June 19th, 2011 | weekly music biz recap

What a week! Of course we have a clear picture of where we want to be and how we will get there, but when it actually becomes a public reality it’s very exciting for us all. So this week we’ll start with our own headline!

We closed a deal with RED Distribution, part of Sony Media Entertainment. Especially for this partnership we developed tools for content owners with huge catalogues which we’ll be rolling out to our entire platform in August! Read our blog post or check out the coverage on hypebot. To kick it off, RED has made available two tracks of Bret Hinds’ new bands:

We also sent some of our developers to Music Hack Day in Barcelona, which we’ll follow up on tomorrow! Finally, we interviewed the great electro producer Para One about his upcoming release of ‘Slice & Soda’ (for sale tomorrow!).

So what has kept us busy in our free time? the New Early Adopter Addication. In an age where music flows like water: curation is key! has turned music curation and playlists into an immersive social experience with some game elements. You should absolutely go check it out! If one of your Facebook friends is already signed up, you can hop right into the beta.

Could Kickstarter Be Better Than Government Grants for Artists? This article on Mashable looks at the amazing success one artist had in crowdfunding her project. Interesting piece and perhaps a hint of the future.

Spotify closes $100 million funding round and signs last deal – US launch days away. Spotify has conquered much of European streaming markets and now will attempt to replicate its success in the US.

The Guardian’s interactive history of modern music chart. Besides it being awesome, it is also a sign that infographics (a huge hype on the web in recent years) are about to become increasingly interactive. If you enjoy this chart, also check out the timeless classic “Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music“.

The World’s Highest-Paid Musicians. For those who don’t get jealous easily.

Why there will be no “next MySpace”. The music industry keeps looking for one, but I don’t see it happening, so I wrote this article for hypebot explaining why.

Pandora Slips To $13.26. Top Analyst Says Sell, Predicts Fall To $5.50. It’s very interesting to watch the initial public offering of Pandora, as it’s one of the first ‘new music startups’ to go public. It says a lot about the new music business and where investors think the money really is.

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