blog’s Weekly Music Biz Recap #7

June 5th, 2011 | weekly music biz recap

Another weekly music business recap! This week featuring a selection of music news and great expert DIY advice. All headings are links: click away!

Kaiser Chiefs, Kaiser Chiefs, Kaiser Chiefs, Kaiser Chiefs, Kaiser Chiefs

What stood out to me personally is the way the Kaiser Chiefs are releasing their new album. When you visit their site you are met by the album logo and this line: “Create your own version of our album and make £1 for each one you sell.” They let visitors pick 10 songs (out of a selection of 20), let them design their own cover and download it for £7.50 (a very reasonable price). The Financial Times has a good analysis (link above).

How to Get a Booking Agent to Book Your Band

Music Think Tank featured an extensive article about getting your band booked by booking agents for live gigs. In short, it comes down to “regularly [selling out] shows of 100-150 people at around $10 per ticket in your home market.”

Pandora IPO to Value Company at $1 Billion

Who says the music business is dead? ;-) However also interesting is the fact that as they get more listeners, they also get higher costs for music streaming, leading to a $6.8 million loss in Q1 (up 126%).

UK’s Performing Right Society (PRS for Music) Numbers Show Difficulties for Publishers

Most notably a further decline of CD sales and an expected acceleration of this plunge. What’s also interesting is that it seems that one artist, Susan Boyle, carried the UK’s music industry single-handedly (as Greg Swan pointed out).

Streaming Music – Older Than You Think

A somewhat humorous post on Techdirt points out that the concept (and practice) of streaming music is much, much older than most of us ever thought.

An Album That Can Be Heard Only in One Location

Click for video.

While this particular project is amazing, it also gives an fascinating perspective on the future of music. As more of our music listening is done on mobile devices, music can become a much more interactive experience than it has ever been.


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