blog’s Weekly Music Biz Recap #5

May 22nd, 2011 | weekly music biz recap

Welcome to’s first post-rapture weekly music biz recap. Readership stats show apparently none of our readers got ‘raptured’, so let’s get this show on the road. Click the headings for full articles.

Apple signs cloud music licensing deals with Sony, Warner, EMI

While Google and Amazon recently launched cloud music services without the backing of major labels, Apple is getting close to having licensing deals with all the four majors. It’s a significant step in a transition of the music market where we go from paying for owning/purchasing music, to paying for access. The latter will become increasingly important over the next decade. We wrote about it before. In related news, Slacker launches on-demand music service.

Lil’ B’s online success analyzed from an SEO point of view

Wired had a very cool article up about rapper Lil’ B. Analyzing Lil’ B’s great Do It Yourself mentality from a internet marketing perspective. A must-read. He has a great approach to connecting with his fans: keep it real with social media, do it big when it comes to links, slang content on the regular and swag up with keywords.

How Jonathan Coulton made $500,000 as a DIY musician last year (via Hypebot)

Read about how Jonathan Coulton cut out the middle man, translated online success into profitable live shows, and became successful by focusing on a niche.

In the US, Netflix’ paid content is now more popular than BitTorrent

Wired explains how paid content finally overtook peer-to-peer filesharing in the US. You can read the full report here (PDF). The report goes into more depth and also looks at traffic outside the US.

Artists sue Universal Music Group for higher royalties

Rob Zombie, White Zombie, Whitesnake and Dave Mason sue UMG over digital downloads, arguing that UMG paid out royalties for these downloads as sales, instead of licences which have higher royalties. Eminem successfully won a similar lawsuit two months ago.

Nearly 1 in 5 smartphone owners access check-in services via their mobile device

In the first weekly music biz recap we reported how check-in services such as Foursquare and Facebook Places offer new ways in which people can discover live shows. New research by ComScore reveals that nearly 20% of all smartphone users are checking in. More stats in the article.

This wraps up our weekly music biz recap. Stay in school touch.

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