Weekly Music Biz Recap #13

July 18th, 2011 | weekly music biz recap

Hey everyone! We’re still experimenting a little with the form of these recaps. This week we’ll be short and to the point, let us know how you like it on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below!

Para One & Tacteel’s new EP. Your soundtrack for this post:

♪ YouTube’s next step in disruption: making their own shows. Apparently YouTube’s going after brands with big budgets to create TV-style productions for webvideo. One advertising agency exec compared YouTube’s plans with TV: “It’s a bigger playing [than TV] field and more ways to reach an audience.”

How the internet transformed the American rave scene. For all the great electronic music producers we see and hear every day on

♪ Music Biz analyst Mark Mulligan explains how artists can ‘make Freemium pay‘.

♪ UK rapper Skepta got his song pulled from YouTube because it’s Eminem’s now. Sometimes the entertainment business can be more entertaining than the content they produce.

DIY does not mean Do It All By Yourself. A good short-speech by artist and rapper Conscious about building a dream team around you.

That’s all! Suggestions are always welcome. Don’t hesitate to reach out.