New Feature: Sell Music Directly To Your Fans

November 8th, 2012 | Feature,, press release

A cut here, a cut there, geographical restrictions, upfront fees, quarterly payments (if any!), complicated processes, a track lost in a sea of millions of other songs…and yet another cut. Rings a bell? Indeed, this is often what the process of selling music online feels like.

At the end of the day, you, the artist or indie label, are left with empty pockets, no control over your content, and a bitter thought popping up in your head: « Wasn’t the internet supposed to help?! ».

Truth is, the internet can and MUST help. That’s why we decided to bring a new deal to the table. One that gives you the tools necessary to sell your music directly to fans, with no risks, no restrictions, no entry barriers, no upfront fees. 100% control, 100% benefits. Are you ready?


How does it work?

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. The players and pages you love using to promote and share your music now also allow you to sell it.

Activate selling on your track or playlist, post the player on your website, your Facebook, your Twitter, or wherever your fans are following you and there you have it: fans can now stream your songs and click on the buy button to purchase them directly from your player, without being redirected anywhere else.

Fans do not need to create an account on to purchase your tracks, hell they don’t have to set a foot on if they don’t feel like it. All they need to do is click once on your player and let PayPal do the magic. Instant support from the fan, instant benefit for you.

Moreover, fans and media can share your player, post it on their own networks, thus giving more people the opportunity to hear and buy your music. Oh and here’s a nice bonus: your player works on all devices from laptops to phones and tablets.

What does it cost?

Let’s cut to the chase: there is no upfront fees whatsoever and you keep 100% of the proceeds (minus the Paypal transaction fees of course). Really.

The only fee that comes into play from our side is as follow:

If you make less than $30 in a month, you pay nothing. Zero. Nada.

If you make $30 or more in a month, we charge you $5 only. And that’s $5 whether you make exactly $30 or $3000. The rest is all for you.

Don’t feel like selling your tracks? No problem, you control what you do with your content. promo tools are not going anywhere and they will always remain FREE.

It’s that simple. We only make money, when you make money. No upfront costs. No hidden fees. No limitations.

Questions about our direct selling feature? Go HERE for technical help, tips, and details.

We are ecstatic to see that some incredibly talented artists have already started using this new feature – the list includes Loft Apartment, The National Fanfare of Kadebostany, Dither Down Records, Blicq of Ultra Vague Recordings fame, Jeffro, Figures, The Love Ways, and Goon Kid among others.

Check out their songs below and a little further down the page…and support if you like what you hear!


The last 15 years have seen the music industry change faces more times than one can count and one of the recent trends has been to put online music selling to the side. So much that it has almost become tempting to abandon selling completely and shift to a different model such as paid-for-streaming.

There is no denying it, selling music will never be the same again. Yet abandoning it would be like throwing the baby along with the bathwater. Truth is, selling ain’t just done yet.

Examples such as Kickstarter and Bandcamp have brilliantly proved that if artists’ best interests and fans’ engagement are at the center of the equation, the focus shifts from buying a commodity to heartfelt support for an artistic endeavor. This proves selling can still be the simplest and fastest way for a fan to support an artist.

For this to work, a fair and transparent model needs to arise. One that reassures both fans and artists: for each sale of a track, all the money spent goes straight to the artist. There is no other way around. The fan supports the artist, they connect. The artist benefits from the hard work and can continue to create music for the appreciative fan.

Barriers preventing fans from buying music also have to be taken down. Forget geographical restrictions. Forget discovering a song on a website and having to go on another one to buy it. A fan listens to a song on an artist’s Facebook timeline and loves it? The fan must be able to buy it directly from the artist’s Facebook timeline at the very moment he discovers it. Period.

Respect the artists’ interests and make sure they get their due. Empower the fans, get them engaged. This is direction we are heading to. Care for a ride?


Back in April, we introduced free promo tools to align with your interests as artists and labels. Since promotion is a cost for you, it was only fair to make it a cost for us too. That is also why these promo tools will remain free.

With exposure now at the tip of your keyboard, we feel it is the right time to give you a chance to step to the next level: try making a direct revenue from your music. This is where selling comes into play, the first in a series of features that will provide you with ways to generate revenue around your music. This is the beginning of a new adventure and we hope you are as excited as we are!

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