The NEW wants to say helloooo!

April 23rd, 2012 | new release, news,, press release

Hey Everyone,

We’re excited to announce the launch of the NEW today!

Based on the valuable feedback we have been getting from artists & labels, the team spent the last 10 months working incredibly hard to build a powerful yet easy to use platform for you. It is dedicated to solving some of the biggest pain points in the promotion and management of music online. We think it is a big step forward and we have taken the bold decision of making it FREE.

Intrigued? Discover what we have been working on!

And if you’re looking for something a bit funnier, try this:

The following speaks directly to your needs

Centralize – Manage multiple artists with a single login. All of your releases/projects are accessible on a single dashboard.

Collaborate – By enabling multiple users to access a single artist’s workspace, you can easily share the workload with your bandmates, marketing team, publicist and more. No more sharing passwords and switching accounts.

Unlimited – No limits on plays and downloads. No barriers between your music and your success.

Customize – Control how your music is being presented. Each track or album uploaded comes with a slick public or private promotional page and embeddable HTML5 players, including the ability to add commerce links.

Publish – Simply drag & drop multiple tracks to upload music to your account. Then sync to your YouTube and Soundcloud channels and push the music in one go. No more spending hours uploading the same songs to multiple services.

Share – Once you decide to share, you can do so on any website or device. Fans are one click away from listening to and spreading your music.

Stats – Utilize advanced statistics to know where, who, how and when. Collect e-mail addresses for each download and export them to your mailing list.

And yes, it’s all FREE.

We recently completed a private beta of the new platform, with a great community of testers that included Warp Records, Adult Swim imprint Williams Street Records, Ghostly International, Red Bull Records, Fearless Records, RedEye Distribution and many others. The new platform has been utilized to release mixtapes from Rostrum Records’ celebrated rappers Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller; plus the creation of promotional pages for platinum-selling rock artist AWOLNATION (Red Bull Records), and E-funk duo Soul Clap (Wolf + Lamb).

But don’t just take it from us. As Eric Henry from Rostrum Records says “ offers us an amazing platform to connect with our artists’ communities and build their brands even further through custom designed players and pages, links to their sites, and integration into their social networks. Our artists, Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, were both personally thrilled with the way launched their new mixtapes, handling the unbelievable amount of traffic with ease.

Click here to access the new platform

Thank you all for your support. It means the world to us.

Jeremie Abihssira (@jeremieabiss), CEO
On behalf of the entire team

For more news, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Brian Han

    Few suggestions!
    -Stats visibile to public on each track
    -When playing the track on the artist page, the detailed information should pop up on the right, instead of having to go to the individual track page first to see it.
    -When playing a track on a playlist, current playing song should be highlighted.  It’s kind of hard to tell which track is playing exactly as of now.

    • James

       TBH, I like the fact that stats aren’t visible the public. On Soundcloud you have to pay extra for that.

      • Brian Han

        Well in that case, we should have the free option to choose :D

    • Jeremie Abihssira

      Hi Brian,

      Interesting points. See below…
      - you’ll soon have the option to choose to disclose (or not) your stats on your track page.- on each track or playlist page the track that you’re playing is highlighted. The only pace where it’s not is your artist page and that’s a bug that we’re fixing now.

      Regarding the detailed info on each track, this is something that we are going to improve :) .

      • Brian Han

        That’s awesome thanks! Out of all the places to post music, I really like this one the most even though it seems like it’s in the early stages.  Also another thing I’ve found is that there should be a volume bar for the player!

  • Matthias Samuel

    if a chance to integrate the account from old official into the new

    • StephanOFM

      Hello Matthias,

      You can find the details you need here:


  • MP

    How much tracks we can upload? At old the limit for free users was 10 files, is there any limit on the new platform?

    • StephanOFM

      Hello MP,

      You can create up to 10 artist workspaces and upload up to 100 tracks for each (so potentially 1000 tracks). All for free.

      For more details, I recommend checking our FAQ:


    • StephanOFM

      You can create up to 10 artist workspaces and upload up to 100 tracks for each (so potentially up to 1000 tracks in total). 

  • StephanOFM

    Hey there,

    I just sent you an email, check your email box.


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  • Mozza

    Any chance for changing track order? That would be a nice option :)

    • StephanOFM

      Hello Mozza,
      You can change the track order.
      Simply drag and drop the tracks you want to appear on your artist page into the “artist page” tab (in the left column, under your artist name). Then click on it and you will be able to re-order the tracks, it works just like a playlist.

  • Matthias Samuel

    the max. lenght of the music what i can upload is 49 min ?
    by the old was no limit.

    • StephanOFM

      Hello Matthias,
      There is no time limit on tracks.

      If you have any specific issue, please don’t hesitate to contact, we will take care of it :)


      • Matthias Samuel

         thx. the upload must be broken. i try it again. all fine

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  • rose26

    i am on a PRO account, it means i cant get all those tracks anymore?

  • Jean

    Hi I cannot change the tracks order. I have a Label’s profile. I added an artist  and uploaded 9 tracks. Then I want to change the tracks order, Even if I move the selected tracks in the left column, under your artist name…it does not change anything !!! Could it be more easier ?
    Let me know. Thanks

  • Andy


    i cannot reqister.

    tried 5 more times last 4 days with diferent emails but still noreply.

    pls help