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July 18th, 2013 | news,

It’s curation season!

We’re insanely excited to announce that OUR NEW HOME PAGE is up and running, so fresh so clean for summer 20-13!

What’s the idea behind the new home page?

It’s music content curated by humans to please humans. It’s all about quality not quantity.

So, what to expect?

A new series of playlists curated by artists and tastemakers we love: the home page will have music for any kind of mood you might be in, thanx to thematic playlists, secret gems, and timeless claaaaassssics. Matter of fact, let’s go through the 6 categories of music you’ll find on the home page.

I Got 6 On It
The special guest playlist, 6 songs carefully selected by talented artists and awesome people with interesting music taste. We begin with critically-acclaimed French trio Chateau Marmont, then follow with DJ Falcon, Is Tropical, Electric Youth, and Cameo Gallery among many others to be announced soon…it’s gon’ be a hot summer!

Track du Jour
Now that’s THE song you should not miss, the hidden gem with a little je ne sais quoi, the soon-to-be-a-hit masterpiece, the coup de maître.

Smooth Operator
This playlist is all about kicking back, relaxing, maybe reminiscing on the good old days…on the smooth tip, coast to coast, LA to Chicago.

In Da Club
Yo, gimme something to dance to!” – Dr. Dre, 1988.

Shuffled Music
This was originally called The Truffle Shuffle and it’s exactly what you think it is: amazing songs that didn’t fit the Smooth Operator or In Da Club playlists. It’s got a bit of everything, it sounds great at home, in the car, at the bbq or the skatepark…pretty much anywhere!

Back In The Day
You know what they say: classics never die!

Ok, enough words for the day – let’s get to the fun part!

JUMP ON THE HOME PAGE NOW, press play, and remember to come back every week for updates and exclusives. ENJOY!


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  • Law @ Drumtrip

    Brilliant stuff. In the meantime maybe you can explain why you are deleting your oldest users accounts without telling them! Is it to make way for this shit?