Feature Update: Workspaces

February 11th, 2013 | Feature,

Our latest feature update focuses on simplifying the dashboard in order to give you more flexibility and clarity in managing, promoting, and selling your releases and catalog.

What’s new?

From now on there is one kind of workspace only – no differentiation between artist and label workspaces anymore.

I’m a label, what does it mean for me?

Nothing but good news :)

1. You can now sell tracks from any workspace you want (didn’t know you could sell songs/albums via Go HERE for info!).

2. Creating, promoting, and selling compilations is now much easier. Upload all the tracks from the compilation in one workspace, put them together in a playlist, customize the Promo Page and you’re good.

3. Uploading tracks on your label’s workspace will not automatically create a workspace for each artist anymore – say bye bye to confusing duplicates and unwanted extra workspaces.

4. You can now use one workspace to manage your label’s catalog or create workspaces for each of your artists (or a combination of both).

Will the transition to the new system make me lose content?

No! Rest assured: you will not lose a single track or playlist and all your Promo Pages and Official Pages will remain intact. Matter of fact, what your fans see will not change at all.

The changes only happen behind the scene: tracks in your dashboard that appeared in both your label and artist workspaces will now only appear in the artist workspaces.

You are of course free to reorganize your dashboard as you wish by drag-and-dropping tracks from one workspace to the other.

Ok I get it but I want more details…

Confused about the changes? You have questions? You want to send us feedback on this feature update or other topics? Get in touch via our help desk.

Please let me know next time there is another update!

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  • Basslight Records

    Works so much better!

  • DJ JohnnyO

    I lost a lot of tracks, I thought we were not going to lose any tracks

  • Relo Subklub

    why cant i upload more than 100 tracks ? 

    • Stephan


      You can create up to 10 workspaces and upload 100 tracks for each, so potentially a total of 1000 tracks.


  • Emotions

    Works Great. I dont know about others, but I cannot display ‘playable’ tracks on facebook. When a track is shared on FB, it shows well, but when clicked it does not play, and keep appearing as ‘loading’.

  • Karmen Vanbuskirk

    Great to use! This will help a lot to viral marketing of your music.