New Feature: More Music

February 22nd, 2013 | Feature, how-to

Due to popular demand, we have introduced a feature that allows fans who land on your Promo Pages to discover more of your releases – ladies and gentlemen, say bonjour to the “More Music” feature!

What is the “More Music” feature?

A simple way to display your discography on the sidebar of your Promo Pages. It allows fans to hear more of your music and potentially buy more of your releases (if you use direct-to-fan selling). Catch their attention with your new track…then make them discover your discography :)

How do I activate this feature?

No worries here, you don’t have anything to do. Your releases will automatically appear on the sidebar of your public Promo Pages – from most recent to oldest release and with no duplicates.

How does it look?

The artwork covers of your releases will appear on the sidebar, under the track/playlist description. All fans need to do now is click on the releases they want to check out and they’ll be taken to their Promo Pages.

  • Andrew Uvarov