SPOTLIGHT: There Are 835 iPad-Ready Ways To Creatively Use Our Players

April 28th, 2011 | how-to, Spotlight

Recently we blogged about inspiring ways to use our embedded players, promising to showcase anyone that could deliver other creative examples. While there might be more than 835 ways to use our players, one of the best applications to date actually comes from a French electronica producer called 835.

This afternoon we were delighted to see 835′s tweet announcing a redesign of his website:

We hopped over to the site and loved the result. It looks very elegant and is definitely iPad-ready  and it looks good on other types of mobile devices too. Click the image to head over and listen to some of the music.

So how do you do it yourself?

What you see above is 4 playlists embedded next to one another. The playlists are all different albums. 835 decided to give all the tracks of every album the same artwork, but you can also give every track different artwork. Then he took the embed codes of the artwork players, chose the right size and inserted the iframes into his design.

Nice job, 835!

Also using our players in a creative way? We love to turn good practices into examples; so let us know! on