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August 31st, 2009 | exclusive, rock

Ranging from Nick Cave to Tindersticks and The Velvet Underground, Uk based indie band Phantom will release its first single Great Pretender b/w Voodoo Romantic on September 28th 2009. Official leak via Fairtilizer playlist & bonus interview below:

What is Phantom about, can you introduce yourself to our community?
I started Phantom about 2 years ago. It’s a very personal project, an outlet for my compositions, my fears, dreams, anger and confessions to surface and come out. It’s about finding out who I am, what I’m capable of and it’s liberating.

What are you up to at the moment?
The first single is coming out on the 28th Sept, on Parallax Sounds Records. At the moment, I’m busy planning a single launch and video for the release. Am also looking at some gigging opportunities in Europe, Paris would be nice!!

What is your first single about, why should we listen to it?
This first single is called “Great Pretender”, it’s about hiding your true nature, playing the art of deception. It’s also about confessing something to the audience, letting them into a secret. I think it’s very apt as the first Phantom release.

How did you get into music, what’s your musical background?
I don’t have a musical background and certainly not a musicians’ one per say. I was working as a music journalist when I first came to London. I was always surrounded by musicians; going on tour with bands, making TV programs about them, following them in the studio etc… When I stopped working in music I realised that it wasn’t the work that I missed but it was being close to the music. It was only a matter of time, I suppose, until someone threw a guitar in my hands and pushed me to play. That’s when I realised how much I wanted to play but never had! I’m a self taught musician because, for me, the idea of going to study music didn’t feel right. Learning music for me was about rebellion and making your own rules isn’t something anyone could have ever thought me.

Phantom came together because I wanted to take this experience further and actually write songs of my own.

How’s the scene in London, who do you rate?
The London scene is always vibrant, exciting and changing. There’s a lot of good bands around, I played with Teeth of the Sea recently and they’re absolutely fantastic. I highly recommend a listen to their album, and if you can do go and see them live. I also really like Factory Floor, another amazing live band. They’re both fairly experimental but they also have a good sense of melody and creating cinematic, grand and impressionable moods. It’s music that’s right up my alley.

Places of interest in your city?
Museums are an ever lasting source of entertainment for me, and also a refuge, some of them, to the constant “buzz” of the city, so are libraries for that matter, the British Library, Highgate Cemetery and quiet corners of Hampstead Heath also fall in that category. London has so much history, it still amazes after being here for 10 years or so. Am originally from Canada where Cowboys and Indians rules our history books – it’s probably why this idea of Victorian London fuels my imagination so much. I love to picture “imaginary” historic scenes from every quirky pub, muse, alley, or just about anywhere that has that “olde” look and feel.

How is the Internet important for you today and how do you see it evolving in the coming years?
It’s very important to me. It’s how I stay in touch with long lots mates, how I keep in touch with what’s happening around me. I think the more we use the web, whether it’s blogs, on demand media, social networking, the more it’s becoming the tool to organise, connect, plan our lives. It’s impossible to ignore.
As artists how do you use & see the web today, what would be the ultimate one stop place for all your need as a band?
The web is a very powerful tool for artists purely because it’s something artists can get involved in, something they can tailor to suit their needs.
There’s no specific area on the web at the moment that’s ideal for me as an artist, I use a combination of a different website or perhaps I haven’t found it yet… Fairtilizer looks pretty good though!!

Best thing that happened to you last month?
I struck a deal with Art.War for the “Great Pretender” video. They’re fantastic and am so pleased to have then on board. They’re young, talented and already have a very impressive list of clients and previous work behind them. Although you’ll have to wait until the release date to see the final product, I can say that the video concept is tailored specifically to “Great Pretender” and it’s a great opportunity for both parties. I’m very flattered indeed, seems people are starting to take notice and want to get involved. Expect something special.

Are you a good cook and if yes what’s your speciality recipe, if not what is your number one junk food?
Am not a great cook, if you came over for dinner I would probably cook grilled fish (Haddock or Tuna) with some grilled asparagus and perhaps even a warm fig and goat’s cheese salad on the side. I love cheese so there would be plenty on the menu ( French and Italian cheeses in particular, and some English ones too). And a dark chocolate tarte for dessert. love natural food and fresh raw produce. My favourite meal would probably be sushi. I absolutely loathe junk food. It smells revolting and why anyone would eat it willingly is beyond my comprehension! I prefer to indulge with chocolate.

Where is, for you, THE place to play live, if one (sound, lights, crew, friendly promoter, unlimited drink tickets…)?
I’d love to play a gig in a church, never have done, and I think it would suit the sound very well. I’d like to plan a church gigs tour.

A movie you would like to watch now, right now?
Wings of Desire, the Win Wenders classic, I love it.

Best place to stay when abroad?
My parents house in the outskirts of Montreal, Canada.

What was the last (physical) book you read and when was that?
My flatmate lent me some Greek dramas to read and am delving into the bacchae at the moment. Fascinating, and so inspiring.

How do you know what time it is?
I don’t wear a watch and glance over at other people’s most of the time.

The last non-comestible you bought?
False eyelashes.

How do you like to dress?
I love classic styles, 40′s, 50′s, 60′s dresses. I prefer the way they fit compared to modern clothes, they seem to follow curves and shapes more naturally and more comfortably as well. They’re also unique and green (good for the environment).

Smoking or Non-Smoking clubs?
I like a cigarette at home, but definitely not a fan of smoking clubs.

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