blog & CloudPlay: Your Music at your Fans’ Fingertips

September 10th, 2012 | api, partnerships

We are excited to announced that users’ music is now available in the elegantly simple OS X music app, CloudPlay.  Right from your Mac’s menu bar you can quickly search, find, play and create playlists from across multiple music sources including your iTunes library, YouTube, SoundCloud, Jamendo and more.  Even better than you being able to listen to your favorite music quickly and easily is that your fans can now listen to your music quickly and easily. (Note: only your public tracks are made available to our API partners)

We are excited to count CloudPlay as a friend, and part of the growing community of partners that already includes Tomahawk, Hype Machine and  We look forward to bringing more into the fold soon – which means making your music both more discoverable by your fans , and trackable in terms of gaining valuable statistics into who and where those fans are.

If you are working on a music app/service/site and are interested in exposing music from the artists and labels that use our platform, just check out our Developer Site and get to hacking!