Calling All Developers: New API is now Public

August 21st, 2012 | api

Hopefully you’ve seen some of our recent posts about some of our new partnerships (, Hype Machine) that help us, help you, expose your public releases to a wider audience. We are really excited about the launch of our new public API & Developer Center today that will enable a huge range of music apps, services and hacks to create new consumer experiences that feature your content. When using your API, not only does your content become more discoverable, but of the plays you get from listeners on these partner sites will included in your statistics (note: only tracks with “public” privacy settings are made available in the API to these 3rd party sites).

We will have some of our team presenting the new API at Music Hackday – Edinburgh this weekend. If you are a developer and attending, please find us and ask any questions you may have.  If you’re not going, don’t worry… anyone can sign up for a key, read the documentation, download example code, and get to work.

We know of a couple of other services that are actively developing against our API as we speak, and look forward to telling you about them once they launch. If you’ve built something with it, let us know… we’d love to tell everyone about it.

Let the hacking begin!

  • idleberg

    i’ve taken this from the examples in the (new) api docs, it’s part of the embed code:

    my question is whether it was intentional to use two slashes (%2F) between and feed